Covid Healer

Effective remote (long distance) energy healing to combat active Covid-19 infections and reverse the effects of Long Haul Covid-19

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Fill out triage form and lets have a casual chat about your Covid-19 story to determine where you are in your journey to recovery.


Treatment Package

Pick a treatment package that is appropriate for your situation.


Healing Treatment

I perform numerous healing sessions REMOTELY until you are healed.



Now you enjoy the rest of your life Covid-symptom free.

Mission Statement

To show the world what energy healers can do and how valuable they can be to healing the sick. My dream one day is to see healers as part of the health care team in every hospital and clinic setting. 

About Me

My name is AJ and I have been doing energy healing for over 10 years. I discovered I was able to heal active Covid-19 infections when a friend caught the virus. I healed her and she woke up back to normal the next day. I also suffered the long haul effects of Covid-19 with anxiety, heart, neuro, and blood clotting problems. I healed all those in an instant. Read more about my story.

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