About Me


My name is AJ. I am an energy healer and have been doing this off and on for over 10 years. My healing journey started in 2005 when I developed a severe eye problem where my eyes constantly burned and doctors did not know why. All my tests kept coming back negative. For three years, I was in constant pain, lost my short term memory due to the constant pain, and had to wear sunglasses whenever I was awake. Then I drank a marijuana tea and it instantly relieved the pain by about 80%. I still could not read or stare at a screen for that long without my eyes burning but I was functional. In 2010, I became interested in finding alternative healing methods so I can heal myself if anything like that happened again. I learned Reiki and Alchemical Healing and started practicing on myself and other people.


Fast forward to October 2019, I started working in the Emergency Department for two Bay Area hospitals as an ED Technician. In March 2020 during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I had sudden shortness of breath and dull chest pain so I went to ED. D-dimer was elevated but all scans, EKG, and blood work were negative. Shortness of breath subsided but chest pain remained so I was discharged. Then I started getting anxiety where I could not catch my breath. I am a very reasonable level headed person who can figure out any situation. I don’t consider myself an anxious person at all. Heart issues start manifesting whenever I overexert myself. I felt like I was gonna faint and just had a weird indescribable body sensation. I started getting neurological problems like tingling extremities, stroke-like symptoms, my leg would give out, get sudden massive headaches that would last for a couple minutes, and brain fog. I went to ED again when I felt faint and had stroke-like symptoms. Doctor pretty much laughed at me for thinking I was having a stroke since by the time I got to ED, the symptoms subsided. I had a phone appointment with my primary care doctor and blood work didn’t show any heart problems.


I got tired of these symptoms so I decided to heal myself. First, I was able to heal my heart problem. Intuitively, I saw a possible blood clot sticking to my heart valves so I was able to clear that and the next day I woke up with no dull chest pain and was able to workout again. Then I intuitively saw a blockage in my brain blood vessels that was affecting the right side of my body. I cleared that up with a healing and the symptoms instantly disappeared. Then the most amazing and shocking healing happened. I got tired of the anxiety so I healed my spinal cord and the anxiety instantly disappeared. The next few days, I realized my eyes don’t burn anymore from watching TV for too long or being on the computer. I inadvertently cured my eye problem that I've been dealing with for over 15 years! I figured out it was a neuro problem and not an eye problem. Neuro problems can manifest into numerous problems that doctors cannot explain. But I have come to the conclusion based on my healings that the neuro problems stem from an overactive or under-active nervous system. It needs re-balancing and I am able to do that.


I discovered the Facebook page Survivor Corp. I cannot confirm it since I never tested positive for Covid-19 but based on all the experiences from survivors on Survivor Corp, I am pretty sure all my health problems were a result of catching Covid-19 when it first came out and I was experiencing the long haul symptoms. I was never symptomatic. I work at two Emergency Departments so I may have caught Covid-19 there or from family. I was miserable during those few months with those symptoms and I cannot imagine how people are going through this and worse for up to a year and who knows how much longer. This is why I decided to offer my healing services and try to relieve these symptoms from survivors until the medical community can find a cure. I do my healing remotely, meaning I can perform my healings to anyone around the world. You don’t have to understand it. I just ask you to trust the process and believe you can be healed. I like to think my healing abilities have no limits to make any healing possible. Just work with me, keep an open mind, and miracles can happen. My ultimate goal is to show the world what energy healing can do and make it integrated into part of any health care treatment plan.