Active Covid (Severe)


This healing session is for people who have recently tested positive for Covid-19 and are experiencing severe symptoms. I consider “severe” to be hospitalized on the ICU floor or in a critical state. I am able to draw out the energy signature of the virus. In other words, I can get rid of the infection and particles from your body. The sooner I draw it out, the faster your body will begin to heal. Initial improvements are drastic and usually occur within 24 hours after the healing session.


The full treatment entails several healing sessions after the initial Active Covid healing session. My goal will be to mitigate and undo the damage done by Covid-19 and get you back to your functioning self. I will be in constant contact with you or your representative to get progress updates and do frequent healing sessions. You will be my top priority to ensure you do not get worse and begin healing as soon as possible. I will begin treatment the same day I triage you. The follow-up healing sessions will be on an “as needed” basis and continue until you are recovered.



There are no negative side effects to the patient. Positive side effects are I may inadvertently draw out other bad energies that do not belong in your body. Be aware of other positive changes in your body and health from the healing.



$600 (Payment Plan of $100 per month for 6 months)



I will perform as many healing sessions as I see necessary to reverse the effects of Covid-19. Full treatment means healing to near full recovery. This process could take between a week to a couple months depending on the progress of the client’s recovery. If there is no improvement after the first three healing sessions, then I will refund 100% of your money back. My goal is to provide healing results. If I cannot deliver then you get your money back. Once the client feels he or she made significant improvement in recovery and I feel there are no more treatments needed, I will declare the client as “recovered” status and no refunds of the remaining payments after this date.


NOTE: This is supplemental treatment and not a cure-all treatment. Please follow the direction of the medical professionals you are working with.