How Healing Works

The healing modalities I use are Alchemical Healing and Huna. I know Reiki too but I can’t do remote healing Reiki yet. Alchemical Healing is an energy healing system that uses spirit allies, elemental energies, Universal Life Force, and shamanism. If you want to learn more about Alchemical Healing, go to Nicky Scully is the person who created the system and can better explain it on her website. Huna is an Ancient Hawaiian healing and spiritual development system. I am new to this system but I know some useful techniques that will help you guys out. If you want to learn more about Huna, go to


For many of you, energy healing is completely new to you. You don’t have to understand how it works to receive the benefits but you do have to be open to it. Most of us don’t fully understand how medications work to fix a problem, but we trust our health care professionals and are willing to take the medications in order to feel better. Medications also have side effects and for the most part only fix the symptom and not the root cause of the problem. This is why once you start taking most medications, you have to keep taking them to maintain the desired effect. Energy healing is intuitive and the energy knows where to go and how to fix the root cause of the problem. This is why it is so effective. Like I said you don’t have to understand it to receive the benefits because honestly, I don’t even fully understand it. 


When working with energy healing, time and space don’t exist and are irrelevant. This means I can perform my healing remotely (long distance) and to anyone in the world from the comfort of my own home. It makes no difference if the person I am healing is in the same room as me or across the world. As for time, your body has the potential to heal in an instant with energy healing. Of course not all ailments or diseases will heal in an instant but some do. For instance, I healed my anxiety, heart issues, and neuro issues in an instant. Those were my main Long Haul symptoms. And when I say “instant,” I’m saying I performed a healing session on myself and as soon as I intuitively saw the issue and fixed it, I literally felt a shift of anxiety disappearing, my heart feeling back to normal, and neuro symptoms disappear. Instantly! So keep an open mind to the possibility of having instant or speedy healings. Don’t limit yourself!


Let me also explain my role as “the healer.” I am not actually “the healer.” I don’t use my own personal energy to heal you because I have a limited supply. I FACILITATE the healing. I am the conductor in an orchestra. The orchestra is made up of my spirit allies, elemental energies, Universal Life Force, and any other spirit energy that may assist with the healing. I direct the energies to perform different tasks to create a healing environment for your body to heal. All these energies have an unlimited supply of energy and that is why I am able to do so many healings. It is not like the movies where the healer is drained after doing a healing session. No! They are doing it wrong! I know the idea that spirit allies and elemental energies are supposed to heal you sounds really crazy because it does to me even when I talk about it, but this is how energy healing works. There is so much more to this universe than what we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. There are realms, dimensions, and forces beyond what we can comprehend. Us healers can access and use some of this power to help people. This is why I say nothing is impossible and don’t limit yourself! 


 The main factors that determine how fast someone heals or if it is even successful is: 


1) How open you are to energy healing. If you limit yourself to “only science being able to heal you,” then you exclude yourself of any other possibility of receiving healing from various other ways. Science understands and explains how the physical body operates but completely disregards spiritual, emotional, and mental forces because science has no way to measure those. Our bodies are made of energy! When you break us down to the smallest unit beyond a cell, we are just vibrational energy. You can’t fix an energy problem with medications! Energy healing fixes energy problems. Our nervous system is all electrical energy. When it’s overactive or underactive, it can create all kinds of problems since it is our body’s communication system. My way of fixing that is to GROUND YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM. This balances it out and resets everything, much like shocking someone's heart to reset their out of whack heart rhythm. Close minded people sometimes completely block me and I end up being useless to them. BUT, I have a healing technique that can bypass even people with closed minds to energy healing. The analogy I use to compare closed minded people vs open minded people (with regards to healing) is a closed minded person’s energy receiving channels are the size of the opening of a coffee stir straw while an open minded person may have their energy receiving channels the size of a garden hose. Energy healers or people who work with energy may have energy receiving channels the size of a big water main pipe! The bigger the channel, the more healing energy can get through, which means bigger healing potential! Ultimately, if you work with me, I highly encourage you to be as open as possible. Remember, you don’t need to understand energy healing to benefit from it. 


2) Experience with energy healing. The people who are into energy healing, practice it, or truly open to it receive the best and fastest healing results!! Results that even freak me out!! These are the people who get instant healing results! This is why it is good to start researching energy healing, read books about it, and even start becoming an energy healing practitioner yourself. You can learn Reiki in a weekend from a Reiki master. Reiki is usually the easiest modality to get started with energy healing. 


3) Your mindset. If you have a negative mindset associated with negative emotions, this may block my healing and block your own body’s ability to heal itself. It is impossible to control all your thoughts to be positive especially when you have been sick for so long. Best thing to do is try to find ways to feel positive, which will hopefully translate into having a positive mindset. I know most of you have been trying to stay positive with little to no positive results but this time will hopefully be different. When you're a client of mine, stay positive, believe you will be healed, and I will do my best to make that a reality. I will provide a short list of tasks to do to “prime your mind” to accept the healing. This includes daily affirmations, watching a video, and limiting the people who you tell about the healing. Negative or skeptical people will deter you from doing the healing with me because they don’t believe in it or understand it. But they aren’t the ones suffering. They aren’t the ones not getting any answers for why they are not getting better. You should have an idea of who will be supportive and who may deter you.   


4) How much damage the virus has already done. If you are on a ventilator and I perform the healing sessions, you will not instantly be better. It will still take time for your body to heal itself. You may drastically improve and hopefully be out of the danger zone but the healing may still take time. Just like with any other illness, the more damage to the body, typically the longer it takes to heal and recover. Remember, the energy healing creates a healing environment for your body to properly heal. 


Please remember this healing may not work for everyone and not a cure-all healing. It all depends on how receptive you are to it and how open your mind is. I always keep an open mind and never limit my abilities to heal. I can never promise a result but I will never say “I can’t heal that.” I will try my best and keep the possibilities open. The results and the speed of the healing varies. If the healing does not work, then I refund your money depending on the healing package. If you bought the Active Covid (Mild to Moderate) package, you get a full refund if the healing was unsuccessful because I could not provide the results you were looking for. But if you bought any of the other healing packages which require multiple healings and not getting results, then I will stop the remaining payments but the first $100 is non-refundable since I do put in a lot of time and effort into the healings. The refund policies are in the healing package descriptions for each package on my website. 


I am here to help because I have seen what Covid-19 does to people since I work in the Emergency Department and I myself have dealt with the Long Haul symptoms. I’ve been laughed at by doctors because I felt like I was having a stroke. I had the heart issues that made me have to stop working out and overexerting myself because one pull up would make me feel like my heart was going to give out. I had the random stabbing headaches, the brain fog while I was studying anatomy and physiology for school,  and the neuro symptoms of tingling extremities and my leg randomly turning to jello. Doctors and tests had no answers for me and I know how scary it is to not know when this is going to end. This is why I am using my healing abilities to hopefully improve the lives of others so they can get out of this horrible cycle they are in. 


I hope you guys try out energy healing with me and I hope I can deliver some results. Please reach out to me to start your healing process by either clicking the “Lets Chat” button on the lower right side of my website, or text me at (833) 622-1140, or email me at I am very relaxed and informal with my communications so be as comfortable and open as you want. Thank you for listening and hope to talk to you guys soon.