Long Haul Single Issue Treatment


The Long Haul Single Issue package is for anyone who has had Covid-19 in the past and still experiencing Post-Covid or Long Hauler symptoms. This package only focuses on treating one symptom. If you feel like you are experiencing Post-Covid symptoms but never tested positive for Covid-19, this treatment may still be for you. There is an enormous amount of people who contracted Covid-19 and were asymptomatic who never got tested. Studies have shown you can still experience long haul Covid-19 symptoms if you were asymptomatic. I was one of those people. I will perform several healing sessions until the issue has been resolved or significantly improved. 



There are no negative side effects to the patient. Positive side effects are I may inadvertently draw out other bad energies that do not belong in your body. Be aware of other positive changes in your body and health from the healing.



$200 (Payment Plan of $100 per month for 2 months)



I will perform as many healing sessions as I see necessary to reverse the effects of Covid-19. This process could take between a week to a couple months depending on the progress of the client’s recovery. If there is no improvement after the first three healing sessions, then I will refund 100% of your money back. My goal is to provide healing results. If I cannot deliver then you get your money back. Once the client feels he or she made significant improvements in recovery and I feel there are no more treatments needed, I will declare the client as “recovered” status and no refunds of the remaining payments after this date.


NOTE: This is supplemental treatment and not a cure-all treatment. Please follow the direction of the medical professionals you are working with.